1. That Time When Ros and Armeca Showed Littlefinger Their Sex Skills

In the books: Ros and Armeca aren't in the books at all and Littlefinger isn't one of the POV characters, so there's no way for a scene like this to make it to the page.

In the show: In one of the most notably Skinemax-style scenes, Ros and Armeca put on a private show to give Littlefinger a sense of how they'd be in bed. He coaches in return, but it's not your typically seedy "casting couch" scene. He doesn't even get out of his chair.

2. That Time When Tyene Flashed Bronn in Jail

In the books: After returning Tyrion to King's Landing and receiving a lordship, Bronn turns into kind of an upper-class d*ckhead. He marries the homely Lollys Stokeworth and stays in his new castle. He doesn't spar with Jaime, and he doesn't go to Dorne to peep Dornish cleavage.

In the show: Bronn ends up incarcerated in Dorne with the Sand Snakes. Tyene Sand gives him a little peepshow to elevate his blood pressure and speed her poison through his veins. She saves him though, so the scene is kind of circular (not unlike her areolae).

3. That Time When Littlefinger Peeped on Ros Servicing a Peeper

In the books: Something like this is probably going on off-page because Lord Petyr Baelish seems to value the spying advantages of his brothels more than their earning potential. The book version of Littlefinger is practically asexual, so it's unclear if this would even interest him (unless the woman was Catelyn Stark).

In the show: Littlefinger peeps through a peephole to watch Armeca servicing a customer while said customer is peeping through a peephole to watch some lesbian action. It's an "Inception of Ice and Fire."

4. Both Times Oberyn and Ellaria Tried to Get an Orgy Going

In the books: Oberyn and Ellaria are a lusty couple who talk openly about their fluid sexual identities. Oberyn is especially pan-sexual, but neither of them is ever a POV character, nor are any of their canoodling companions. So these scenes just aren't part of the books.

In the show: Oberyn helps Ellaria pick a sexy hooker (Marei) and then chooses Olyvar (even though he's not for sale) for himself, but before things get rolling, some ass sings "The Rains of Castamere." You know Oberyn is always down, because he practically always wears a Hugh Hefner robe, but that song is his anti-mojo. Later, he tries to get Olyvar to get down with Ellaria, even though Oly doesn't swing that way. Tywin Lannister, the Hand of the King at this point, interrupts orgy numero dos.

5. That Time When Podrick Pleased a Plethora of Prostitutes

In the books: Podrick is 12-years-old (possibly 13) when saves Tyrion's life at the Battle of the Blackwater. He has a little crush on Sansa Stark, who is around the same age, but Pod has zero sex scenes or anything even close.

In the show: In episode 3.3, Tyrion rewards Podrick's heroism with not one, not two, but three of Littlefinger's finest prostitutes (Marei, Genna, and the extremely flexible Kayla). He pleasures them (off-screen) so thoroughly that they refuse his coin.

6. That Time When Margaery Tried to Seduce Renly

In the books: The books never take Renly's nor Margaery's perspective, so the only hints about their sex life come from rumors and hypotheses voiced by Stannis Baratheon and Cersei Lannister.

In the show: Margaery bares what mrskin.com affectionately calls her "royal ribcage cushions," which fail to enflame Renly's loins. Even her offer to bring her brother Loras and his "sword" into the fray falls flat.

7. That Time When Loras Shaved Renly's Chest and Stuff

In the books: Neither Renly nor Loras is utilized as a perspective character in the books, but we hear a few jabs about Renly being gay from Stannis Baratheon and Jaime Lannister.

In the show: Loras shaves Renly and they roll around in bed. It offers a pretty big hint that Renly won't be knocking up his wife Margaery any time soon. When Renly dies, so does his side of the Baratheon line.

8. That Time When Grey Worm Peeped Missandei in the Nude

In the books: This just doesn't happen. It's not a thing between these two characters.

In the show: It stirs something in Grey Worm's phantom-appendage when he catches a glimpse of Missandei bathing in the river. She covers up at first, but by the end of the scene, he has seen everything. Later they meet up to talk about it and both agree that it was rad.

9. That Time When Bronn Popped Out Armeca's Boobs

In the books: Armeca was created for the show and Bronn's role is significantly larger on TV. Neither Bronn nor Sandor Cleghane (who witnesses the stripping) is a POV character, so this is a little slice of brothel-life was added by the showrunners.

In the show: She likes his nose, he pops out her boobs, and the The Hound interrupts. It's a classically blase sexy sneak-in by HBO.

10. That Time When Salladhor Saan Tubbed with Topless Babes

In the books: At this point in A Dance with Dragons, the relationship between Salladhor Saan and Davos Seaworth (and by extension, Stannis) is pretty fractured. With heavy losses and seemingly zero pay, Salladhor bails on the whole "King Stannis" idea.

In the show: Funbags aren't the only kind of bags that interest Salladhor in this scene from Season four. Davos reels the Prince of the Narrow Sea back into Stannis's war with a bag of cold, hard cash.

11. That Time When Olyvar Boned a Secret Out of Loras Tyrell

In the books: There is no Olyvar.

In the show: After a tryst, Loras tells Olyvar that he's betrothed to Sansa Stark, information that kicks off Littlefinger's plot that includes King Joffrey's demise.

12. That Time Viserys Creepily Inspected Daenerys

In the books: Jealous that Khal Drogo will be his sister's first lover, Viserys sneaks into her chambers to "steal her maidenhead." Creepy. Illyrio Mopatis' guards, however, are one step ahead of him, preventing the incestuous rape.

In the show: Viserys forces Daenerys to strip and fondles her, ostensibly to verify that she will be pleasing to Drogo. Also creepy.

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