33. Andrew Lincoln's British Accent on the Radio

Tyreese had arguably one of the most somber and heartwrenching deaths of the whole series. As he slowly succumbs from blood loss in the back of a car, he hallucinates a British voice over the car radio reporting on atrocities occurring throughout the world. This voice belongs to none other than real life Brit Andrew Lincoln, who stars in the series as Rick Grimes.

32. Beth Finds Lucille

After the fall of the prison during Season 4 of The Walking Dead, the group finds themselves scattered throughout the backwoods of Georgia. Alone and desperate, Beth Greene comes across a pile of corpses in a clearing and one of the bodies has a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire next to it. There's no doubting it, this is a reference to the comic book villain Negan, who uses the exact same weapon and affectionately refers to it as "Lucille."

31. The Governor as a Pirate

Because you can't have an eye patch without some joke about pirates being made. During Season 4 when Tara and her family unknowingly take in The Governor, he wakes up on a pillow that has a parrot strategically placed on his shoulder. A sense of humor is clearly essential during the zombie apocalypse.

30. The Cherokee Rose

After being ambushed while leading walkers away from Alexandria during Season 6, Daryl finds himself trekking alone through the woods when he comes across a walker covered in vegetation. Growing out of its back is a Cherokee Rose, the very same flower he gave to Carol after Sophia's disappearance during Season 2.

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