1. Glenn Rhee

Comics Glenn: He’s just as beloved in the comics and just as dedicated to Maggie. Oh… and in issue 100, Glenn gets his head bashed in by Negan.

TV Glenn: Fans believed for an entire summer that Glenn might be dead. Many looked under dumpsters, praying to the television gods that he was somehow still under there. Turned out, he was. And then... he died much the same way on screen in the season 7 premiere.

2. Michonne

Comics Michonne: Michonne never fully drops her guard with anyone in the comics, with the exception of Ezekiel. Besides the trauma surrounding losing the people in her life, she's brutally raped and tortured by the Governor for days. She has all of the reasons in the world to do some pretty intense things to him including nail his manhood to the floor, sodomize him with a spoon, use said spoon to scoop out his eye, and chop off his arm.

TV Michonne: Michonne appears very much in the same way she did in the comics although TV Michonne is given a lot of the characteristics of Andrea from the comics. Michonne takes on the role of co-parenting Carl with Rick to a certain degree. And then she does the big chocolate and vanilla swirl with Rick, giving rise to Richonne. She puts out the Governor's eye with her katana and later kills him with it, still letting him off pretty lightly from her comic counterpart.

3. Sgt. Abraham Ford

Comics Abraham: He’s got the same flaming red hair and '70s porn 'stache, but the comics version is more of a no-nonsense kind of guy. He takes Tyreese’s position as Rick’s right hand after Tyreese is killed. Abraham meets Denise’s fate in the comics, getting shot through his eye with an arrow as he tells Eugene it’s okay if he gets with Rosita.

TV Abraham: Abraham has a way with a catchphrase that his comic book counterpart lacks. “Motherd*ck” has become a standard in the lexicon of fans. He’s just as thirsty for violence on screen. And dies violently at the business end of Negan's bat in the season 7 premiere, but not before flinging out his last catchphrase, "S*ck my n*ts."

4. Jesus/Paul Monroe

Comics Paul Monroe: Paul Monroe’s nickname is Jesus in the comics. He lives in the Hilltop Colony and is funny, intelligent, and resourceful. Monroe is also gay.

TV Jesus: Jesus is very much like his comic book version and has functioned much the same way. Jesus’s sexuality is a mystery but Jaron (Jesus+Aaron) or Jaryl could be a thing.

5. Ezekiel

Comics Ezekiel: The charismatic Ezekiel is a zookeeper before the world fell. He tries to take care of the animals but ultimately has to set them free before taking a tiger with him. Later, Ezekiel founds the Kingdom and shakes off the intimidation of the Saviors. He plots to overthrow Negan, seeing a chance when he meets Rick. He has a relationship with Michonne. He ends up killed by the leader of the Whisperers, Alpha.

TV Ezekiel: He’s definitely younger and more fit than his book version. He's only appeared briefly, but Ezekiel is an ally to Rick’s crew.

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