4. There's A Weird Fixation With Having Little Girls Murdered In Front Of Their Dads (Including Rick)

The Walking Dead shows us Lori, the wife of protagonist Rick Grimes, dying giving birth to a baby girl, Judith. If that's not tragic enough, her young son Carl then has to shoot her in the head before she turns into a zombie. It was a highly emotional moment -- which was, of course, instantly turned into a humorous meme by the internet.

Luckily, baby Judith made it out OK, and survives as an adorable plot annoyance to this day. Come on, the writers of this show aren't monsters. But we can't say the same thing about the comic's author, Robert Kirkman. In the print version, Lori also dies, but none of that "new beginnings mixed with bitter ends" stuff -- she gets blasted with a shotgun while holding Judith in her arms. And unlike on TV, Rick gets a front-row seat:

So this is when Rick turns over Lori's body and sees that the baby is miraculously still alive, right? Nope! She's completely dead, though it's unclear if she died from the shot or from her mother's body falling on her. These are the important questions which we sincerely hope never get answered.

Daughters in general don't have an easy time in the comic. In the show, Carol kills a couple of ill characters to protect her friends from a potential infection. But in the comic, it's not the flu they contend with -- it's a serial killer. His first victims? Twin girls, whom he decapitates and leaves for their father to find. The heads then reanimate and start gnawing toward their dad like hardcore Castlevania enemies.

The father was Hershel the farmer, who actually gets off easy in the show. Before this moment in the comics, he had to watch yet another daughter get torn apart by zombies in front of him. Yes, in The Walking Dead books, "dads watching their girls get dismembered" is a running gag.

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