Ah yes, the cathartic moment comic (and show) fans have been waiting for: Spencer’s demise. Ever since he started questioning Rick’s authority knew his days were numbered.

SHOW: After telling anyone with an ear about his hatred for Rick, Spencer finally decided to take matters into his own hands. He introduces himself to Negan, outlines the reasons Rick’s an incompetent leader, and suggests he take the reins instead. Unfazed, Negan reminds him how valuable Rick is and accuses Spencer of not having any guts…leading to him stabbing him in the abdomen where Spencer’s literal guts pour out.

COMIC: Besides some alternate phrasing and the fact Spencer mentioned his mother (in the comics the Deanna character is his father), this gut-wrenching scene was nearly identical to the comics. (One small note: Denise rushes to his side in the comics, but since she’s not alive in the show it didn’t happen).

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