1. The Final Episode's Title Was Insanely Clever

The last episode of Breaking Bad was dubbed "Felina." Not just an anagram for "Finale" (on its own a cool nod), this is also the name of the song played in the episode that basically summarized the plot in its lyrics, though it was written decades before.

And the cleverness of this title doesn't stop there. It's also a chemical breakdown:

"Fe" "Li" "Na" = Iron, Lithium, Sodium = Blood, Meth, Tears.

2. Gus Was Originally an Entirely Different Character, with an Entirely Different Introduction ...

Gus Fring was originally written as a character named Kesyer Söze (a reference to The Usual Suspects. Söze was supposed to appear late in the first season but a writers strike shortened the season. (Ironically, Giancarlo Esposito who played Gus appeared in The Usual Suspects.)

On the Breaking Bad podcast, Creator Vince Gilligan revealed that Mark Margolis (Hector "Tio" Salamanca) was initially intended to become the main antagonist from season three on. However, they eventually decided to upgrade Esposito's role, as Gus, from guest appearances to the main antagonist of the series.

3. The Show Made Baby Blue a Billboard Hit

Vince Gilligan personally selected "Baby Blue" by Badfinger as the song to be played during the final scene, of the series, despite numerous objections from his music team. The song was purchased from iTunes over 5,000 times the night of the finale's initial broadcast and re-entered the Billboard charts more than 40 years after it was first released.

4. Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead Might Be Set in the Same Universe

The video above features full details on the many connections between the universes of the two AMC shows. Sure the Glenn car connection might be a stretch, but Merle's Blue Meth and the description of the drug dealer are both pretty solid.

5. Four Networks Passed on the Show Before AMC Saved It

In 2005, after Showtime, TNT, and HBO all rejected the initial Breaking Bad pitch, FX stepped in and immediately began development on the pilot, but eventually passed on the project in favor of the Courteney Cox show Dirt, in a bid to draw more female viewers. According to Vince Gilligan, HBO showed no interest in the pitch at all and while TNT loved the idea, they said they couldn't air a show with a crystal meth dealer as the central character.

6. Aaron Paul Auditioned for Malcolm in the Middle

The seeds of Breaking Bad go back to before 2000 when Aaron Paul auditioned for the part of Francis on the hit TV series, Malcolm in the Middle starring Bryan Cranston.

7. Jesse Says "Bitch" 54 Times

Jesse Pinkman says the word "bitch" 54 times throughout the 62 episode series.

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