1. Bran is still warging? Dude, wake up. You killed your friend and Meera’s dragging your irresponsible ass away from an army of zombies. You dick.
2. Whoa, Mad King sighting! Could the rumors about Bran being the whispers in his head be true?

3. Badass on a horse… flaming mace… could it be Uncle Benjen?
4. Ooh, and a chain scythe!
5. I think he just hit that wight in the nuts.
6. Of course Sam’s that nerd who knows all the species of tree.
7. Are we about to get a comedy of manners with Sam’s family and Gilly? Because that would be a welcome departure.
8. Sam’s mom is so nice! How refreshing to meet a nice character who isn’t likely to die in the next few episodes.
9. Then again, who knows.
10. Margaery is 100% scheming again and it’s exciting.

(source buzzfeed)

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