5. Hangin' Out
What? Catelyn Stark returns from the dead as Lady Stoneheart, and she is seriously pissed off. Determined to avenge herself and her family, the lines between enemies and friends start to blur. She's kind of an undead version of the robot Santa on Futurama that's convinced that everyone is NAUGHTY.

Excerpt: Chapter 42, A Feast For Crows:

''Brienne felt the hemp constricting, digging into her skin, jerking her chin upward... Brienne sucked the air in desperately, even as the rope was strangling her. Nothing had ever hurt so much.''

Could we see this storyline? Possibly. Lady Stoneheart has not yet appeared, so it seems unlikely... The Game of Thrones show is also more wimpy about killing off main characters, so will probably not even threaten Brienne with death in this way.

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