5. King Ezekiel tells a young boy, "Fear not, young master Henry. You will be brave because you are brave."

Ezekiel gives words of hope to a young boy before he goes off to war.

He's speaking to Benjamin's little brother Henry who he has looked after as his own.

Benjamin looks on as Ezekiel recites Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech.

Ezekiel has watched over Henry ever since his father died. Ezekiel was seen reciting Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech to Henry at his bedside in season seven.

Now that his brother Benjamin is gone, Ezekiel is one of the few father figures he has outside of Morgan.

4. Ezekiel pauses when he sees one of his men killed before letting out a scream.

This was one of Ezekiel's top men.

That's Daniel. He was the first man from the Kingdom we were ever introduced to on the show.

Daniel is seen with another member of the Kingdom, Alvaro, who was also killed on Sunday's episode.

Daniel first appeared on season six's episode "East." Morgan and Rick spot him at a barn as he's looking for his horse. In the season six finale, he finds Morgan and an injured Carol on the ground and offers help.

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