1. Carl Confronts Negan

As the truck approached the Saviors' sanctuary, Jesus decided it was now or never — they were closer than they needed to be, so Jesus jumped off. However, Carl decided to stay behind. When the truck arrived in the Saviors' compound, Carl went total badass and shot some of the Saviors before demanding to see Negan.

Negan came out to see what the commotion was and Carl threatened to kill him; Negan remained steadfast and showed his admiration for Carl. Dwight then apprehended Carl and Negan loomed over the young warrior before offering him his hand. On more than one occasion, Negan commended his badass-ery. The tyrant showed Carl around the Saviors' Sanctuary. The pair have an odd relationship in the comics so it will be interesting to see if that develops in the television series.

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