1. Rick And Daryl Discuss Strategies To Take Out Negan, But Jesus Has A Better Idea

Rick and Daryl were clearly happy to be back in each other's company following their separation for the first half of the season. Now, after their emotional reunion in the mid-season finale, the pair were thinking about the best course of action to take out the heinous Negan once and for all. The Alexandrians decided to depart The Hilltop for fear of the Saviors making an uninvited visit, but Jesus told them that they need not be so hasty in their departure.

Why? Because he has one of the Saviors' radio devices, which means that they can stay one step ahead of Negan. Not only this, but Jesus told the group their next move: it's time that they meet King Ezekiel. I know, guys, I nerded out too. Is there anything Jesus can't do?

(source moviepilot)

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