1. The Wight Bear

We thought we'd seen every creature that Game Of Thrones had to offer but tonight's episode proved that notion wrong by a country mile. After last week's episode saw Jon heading beyond the wall with Jorah, Thoros, Tormund, The Hound, Gendry and Beric all in tow, the men found themselves heading further into the cold.

When they were surrounded by fog, Gendry spotted something in the distance charging toward them — it turned out to be a giant Wight bear! The bear attacked all of the men and severely wounded Thoros, who would later die as a result of injuries. After several characters were almost killed trying to take the bear out, the large beast was killed by Jorah.

2. Daenerys & Her Dragons Come To The Rescue

After capturing a Wight, Jon and his men found themselves surrounded by a large army of dead men. The Hound taunted the Wights by firing rocks at them and, eventually the Wights retaliated by moving towards the group of men. As the battle waged on, the men found themselves overpowered by the army of the undead and after several near death experiences for our protagonists (especially for Tormund, who was almost pulled under the ice by the Wights, before being rescued by the Hound), it looked like all hope was lost. However, In one of the most spine-tingling moments we've ever seen on the HBO series, Daenerys and her dragons arrived to save the day, using dragonfire to lay waste to hundreds of dead men.

The dragons unleashed their fire from every corner as Jon looked on in awe, staring at the woman who had come to rescue him. In this moment, Daenerys proved that she is not her father. Instead, she put herself in harm's way for the greater good to rescue not only her allies, but her friends, too. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking the Seven Kingdoms would be pretty lucky to have a queen like Dany.

3. The Night King Kills Viserion

As Dany sent Drogon to the floor to pick up Jon and his men, Viserion and Rhaegal continued to lay waste to the army of the dead, incinerating as many dead men as they could. This didn't go down too well with the Night King. In an attempt to even the odds, the villainous leader of the White Walkers picked up a sharp ice-tipped spear and sent it soaring through the air, straight for Viserion, accomplishing what Bronn had been unable to do just a few episodes ago.

Upon collision with the spear, Viserion screamed out in agony, causing Daenerys to look up into the air. Viserion's inner fire leaked out of him, as did gallons of blood, as the dragon fell across the sky and collided with the ice below. As he lay dying, Viserion fell below the ice, into the water.

A heartbroken Dany watched from Drogon's back as the Night King attempted to repeat his success on one of the other dragons, picking up another spear. With several men accompanying her on the back of the dragon, Daenerys gave Drogon the indication to go airborne. Drogon took to the sky as The Night King threw another spear, but Dany cleverly instructed Drogon to move, allowing the dragon to avoid the same death as his brother. The scene broke our hearts; Game of Thrones will never be the same again without Viserion.

(source moviepilot)

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