5. The Saviors Arrive At The Hilltop
Daryl has been on the run since escaping captivity, hiding out in several different settlements to avoid getting captured again. Jesus took him to the Kingdom and then he journeyed with Rick and the gang to the Hilltop where he reunited with Carol.

Tonight's episode saw Daryl readjusting to life at the Hilltop, and things took a dire turn when the Saviors showed up. Daryl knew that Negan was searching for him, so he took every precaution to remain hidden, ducking into the cellar. Moreover, Maggie had to remain out of sight too as the Alexandrians had previously told Negan that she died.

After all that they went through the last time, we were definitely praying that no further harm would come to the pair of survivors.

(source moviepilot)

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