5. Rick and The Gang Invade Oceanside
It was way back in the first half of Season 7 when Tara stumbled upon Oceanside. This community consisted of a group of female survivors living alone in the woods because Negan and the Saviors murdered all of their male friends. Before Tara departed from her brief stay at the community, the Oceanside women begged her to swear that she was would keep the settlement's existence a secret and she complied, promising never to divulge their location.

However, after feeling compelled to tell Rick several weeks ago, the Alexandrians planned to invade Oceanside in tonight's episode. As Tara infiltrated and begged Tanya and Cindy to surrender their weapons, Rick and the gang made their presence felt by creating an explosion and causing chaos before marching right in to the women's settlement.

(source moviepilot)

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