Has Eugene Officially Become A Savior?
By the end of the episode, it appears that Eugene the coward has officially turned over to the dark side. The main question that was on everyone's head is if Eugene has actually become a Savior. There are three possible scenarios that could play out. The first scenario would have Eugene legit become a loyal follower of Negan's and it would be hard for Team Rick to convince him to come back.

The other two more likely scenarios either have Eugene playing Negan at his own game or that he is simply listening to him out of plain fear. Personally, I believe many of Eugene's actions are done out of fear, but he is still the smartest person on the show and has a definite end plan. Also, if it was one of the other two scenarios, there would be no purpose of having a character arc for Eugene as he will have to break out of his comfort zone and rise against Negan.

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