5. Daryl & Richard Didn't See Eye-To-Eye
This one took me by surprise. I mean, I get why Daryl couldn't go along with Richard's plan to entice the Saviors — especially considering Carol was smack in the middle of it — but, like Richard said, they have the same interests. Encouraging the Kingdom to help Alexandria and the Hilltop fight Negan is a clear priority, one that should take precedent before anything else. It was a darn good idea, Richard...

Richard has been planning for war behind Ezekiel's back for a while now, gathering supplies, weapons and cooking some molotov cocktails and, time and again his plans get frustrated. Judging how volatile Richard is at the moment, it's only a matter of time until he blows everything to hell and brings Ezekiel's deal with the Saviors to a violent end. I'm thinking that Savior Gavin is right about Richard being the first one to die. On the upside, Richard provided Daryl with a brand new crossbow — which he will, no doubt, put to good use soon enough.

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