WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 'The Waking Dead' TV and comic series. Proceed at your own risk!

It's been a long time on The Walking Dead since we've seen our man Daryl Dixon on screen for an extended length of time, but boy did this week's episode, 'Always Accountable' make up for that!

After losing track of Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl way back earlier in the season, we finally got to see where they ended up after the truck crashed into Alexandria and sent the horde of walkers scattering. Straight away things turned back for the traveling trio when a group of unknown assailants opened fire on them and split up the group. While Sasha and Abraham stayed hidden in one place, knowing Daryl would come back to find them, Daryl had a wild adventure of his own, eventually losing two of his most valuable possessions, but gaining a whole new one by the very end.

The episode was slower than the first four of the season, though it definitely had more action than last week's Alexandria-based episode. But despite less action, I believe that it was probably the most important episode to date in terms of setting the foundation for massive future storylines to come over Season 6 and 7. The episode had some great moments, but did you catch them all? Well, loose ends make my ass itch, so why don't you take a look at the 5 things you might have missed in The Walking Dead 'Always Accountable.'

1. There was a great callback to Season 2

Huge thanks to Redditor Senor_Diablo for pointing this one out! One of the coolest moments of 'Always Accountable' was when we saw the gnarly mossy walker lurching out of the trees toward Daryl as he struggled to get his crossbow free. When he finally killed the mossy walker (which was a tribute zombie to the 'Swamp Thing'), it fell face down and when it did you may have noticed a flower was growing out of its back. Recognize the flower at all? Let me cast your mind back to Season 2, episode 4 'Cherokee Rose,' when Daryl was out searching for Sophia:

As Daryl searched for the lost girl, he found a cherokee rose and brought it back for Sophia's mom, Carol. The exchange of the rose, which is the flower commonly associated with the Trail of Tears, served as a great developmental moment for Daryl, showing his softer side, and also the first moments of what would become Carol and Daryl's close friendship.

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