WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead TV AND comic series. Proceed with caution.
Well, after a long and arduous wait we were finally rewarded in last nights episode of The Walking Dead, 'Heads Up' when Glenn Rhee was confirmed as alive! Hurrah! While I know there were many fans who were prepared to end their love affair with the show if Glenn somehow survived his ordeal, feeling that it would prove the series had 'jumped the shark', I personally think the writers actually created a pretty realistic scenario for Glenn's survival.

Aside from Glenn's dumpster scene, and a death defying high-wire act from Spencer, there wasn't a crazy amount of action in episode 7, though there was a lot of foundation being laid down for the mid-season finale which will air next Sunday. So, without further ado take a look at the 5 things you (might) have missed in this weeks episode, 'Heads Up.'

1. Glenn is alive!

All right, all right you definitely didn't miss this one, but it would be totally remiss of me not to include it.

So after nearly a full month of speculation, the story finally spun back around to Glenn, and we got to witness how our boy survived that huge alleyway of hungry walkers. So, how did he do it? He simply waited the walkers out. After sliding underneath the dumpster and forming a barrier by killing the walkers who had tried to grab him, Glenn was able to spend the night waiting out the walkers, before emerging safely the next morning.

Glenn's escape from death also served to nicely show us where this was all taking place on the timeline of the season. So while Glenn is spending the night under the dumpster, Sasha and Abraham are waiting in the insurance building for Daryl to come find them. Meanwhile Daryl is being held captive at Dwight's campsite, and at the same time back at Alexandria Maggie and Aaron are scrubbing off Nicholas and Glenn's names from the memorial wall, and blood starts seeping through the cracks in the walls around the town. Basically what this means is that by the time Glenn and Enid make it to the outskirts of Alexandria and release the balloons, less than 24 hours has passed since the very first episode of the season when Rick and some of the gang assembled at the quarry, intending to do a dry run of the mission to escort the walkers away. Pretty awesome, right?

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