WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead comic series and Episode 3 'Thank You.' Proceed at your own peril.
Holy. Shit.

There isn't much more that you can say after Episode 3 of The Walking Dead, titled 'Thank You.' After being back in Alexandria for the whole episode last week, it was good to see what the rest of the gang are coping with on the outside. Well, it was good, until about three quarters of the way through, an absolute emotional bombshell was dropped onto the audience, when it appeared that Glenn got ripped apart by hungry walkers.

But aside from that huge moment, there were some other significant scenes Episode 3, namely Michonne dishing out some home truths to Heath, and Rick annihilating some Wolves through the wall of the RV. But what else happened? Check out the top five things you (might) have missed in Episode 3 of The Walking Dead 'Thank You,' and find out:

1. Glenn isn't dead

It was a horribly emotional scene when a desperate Nicholas turned the gun on himself, and accidentally took Glenn down with him. However, I want to get this out there straight away: Glenn is not dead. Sure, things don't look great for Glenn, stuck in an alleyway surrounded by walkers, but all that blood and guts being consumed? That was definitely Nicholas's. Firstly ,check how the pair fell from the dumpster:

From the way the pair falls, it looks pretty obvious that Nicholas has fallen on top of Glenn, which also means that the horrible disembowelment was actually Nicholas's:

Which also makes sense, because it looks like the walkers are dining on intestines, which sit much lower in the body cavity than where they're supposedly being ripped from on Glenn. Plus, remember Michonne's words to Heath earlier in the episode:

"Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn't know if it was yours, or walkers', or your friends'? Huh?"

So, even if Glenn is still alive. How will he escape? Well, a possible scenario is that he'll somehow roll himself underneath the dumpster, which we briefly saw has a rather large gap:

Secondly, we saw a couple of possible places for either Glenn to escape to, or possibly a savior to enter from. On the way into the alleyway there was a staircase leading into a building, which neither Glenn nor Nicholas seemed to notice in their panic, and there was also the green door right next to the dumpster that Glenn tried to, but couldn't open.

Could it be possible that someone is hiding inside the building, and they could help Glenn out by distracting the walkers away? I certainly hope so, and perhaps on last week's episode of The Talking Dead we got a hint at who Glenn's savior could be when Katelyn Nacon, who plays Enid, had this to say about whether or not we'll see Enid again:

"I hope so. But if you so see her, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised."

It's just a theory, but at this stage it's all we have to cling onto the hope that Glenn is still alive and kicking! (It should also be noted that Glenn was missed out on The Talking Dead "in memoriam" segment, though Nicholas was very much included).

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