1. Glenn was the first original cast member to die since Season 3

Going into Season 7 we knew that there was a good chance we would lose a character who had been in the series since the beginning, and sadly it happened when Glenn was brutally disposed of. But part of the reason that Glenn's death was such a shocking moment was the fact that we haven't lost an original cast member since Season 3!

It's crazy to think, but it was way back during Season 3, Episode 16 that we bid farewell to Andrea after she was bitten by the reanimated Milton as she struggled to escape her prison. Since then, the original Atlanta camp survivors Rick, Carl, Carol, Daryl, Glenn (yes, also technically Morgan) have unbelievably managed to sidestep death at every opportunity. Now, unfortunately, the Atlanta 5 have become the Atlanta 4, and there's no doubt that the group will feel this death for months and years to come.

2. Abraham's last words were legendary but his gesture said it all

It caught me by surprise that Abraham, knowing he'd been singled out to die, didn't attempt to tell Sasha that he loved her, or address the group in any way in his final moments. Instead it seemed like he stayed a legend right 'til the end, defiantly telling Negan to "suck my nuts," as Lucille rained down upon him.

While his final words were rather comical, it does appear that Abraham was a little more sentimental than his last words would have us think. Redditor JuicedMilk pointing out that as he awaited death, kneeling straight up and staring into Negan's eyes, Abraham flashed Sasha the peace sign.

This was an incredibly sweet throwback to Season 6, Episode 11 when Abraham and Sasha flirted as they returned from a patrol. After Sasha told Abraham that she was switching to a different patrol, she walked away from Abe and gave him the peace sign, which he returned. By the end of the episode, Abraham realized he needed to break things off with Rosita, and soon after he and Sasha officially began their relationship. It was a small gesture, but it would have conveyed everything he felt for Sasha in a tiny, private moment just for her.

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