WARNING: Spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' TV and comic series ahead. Proceed with caution.

Well, it felt like Season 6 of The Walking Dead had just begun, and we're already at the mid-season finale. Time really flies when you're battling a giant incoming herd of walkers!

After Season 6 got off to a spectacular start with truly some of the best episodes we've seen from the entire series, I can't help but feel like the mid-season finale was cut off before it should have been. Perhaps it was a 90-minute episode that was cut short at late notice, or perhaps AMC just really wanted to tease viewers for what is surely going to be an unforgettable mid-season premiere in February. Whatever it was, 'Start to Finish' made for a good mid-season finale, but in my opinion not a great mid-season finale.

But, despite what my opinions may be, there's no denying the episode still captured your attention right from when the eerie version of 'Tiptoe Through The Tulips' started playing, through to the end when we got that post-credit scene we've been dreaming of for years. But in between that, there was a ton of stuff that happened, and I do believe that it's in my skill set to point out some of the finer things you may not have noticed in The Walking Dead episode, 'Start to Finish.'

1. Carl narrowly escaped death

In episode 7 we saw Ron following Carl through the town with his gun loaded and ready to wreak havoc, but fortunately in episode 8, 'Start to Finish' Carl was saved in the nick of time by the falling tower. Ron was ready to bust a cap in Carl's ass! As we saw later in the episode, Carl confiscated Ron's gun, however gathering by the look on Ron's face, he still seriously hates the Grimes family.

In earlier articles it was predicted that Ron would take over from Douglas (the 'Deanna' character from the comic series) for a big moment from the comic when Carl is seriously injured (read more about that over here). Unfortunately, that didn't happen in the mid-season finale as I thought it would, but judging by a lingering camera shot focusing on Jessie's loaded gun at the end of the episode, there's still plenty of time for young Ron to get ahold of another weapon and fulfill that prediction when the series returns for episode 9 in February.

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