1. Richard is not opposed to sacrificing people

After teaming up with Daryl following the tense Saviors supply drop, Richard revealed his plan to take out a convoy of the Saviors and leave a trail back to Carol's house, basically ensuring the Saviors will assume it is her and take her out. Ultimately he hoped this would lead to Ezekiel being so affected by Carol's death that he would finally agree to go to war against Negan.

While this time around his plan was ultimately thwarted by Daryl tackling him to the ground, Richard quite ominously stated that there'll be more convoys of Saviors vehicles that the pair could take out, also adding, "what we have to do requires sacrifice one way or another."

However, after Daryl threatened to kill Richard if Carol should ever die, it seems likely Richard will have to think of a new plan, and a new member of the Kingdom to sacrifice, but who? Well given that Richard's initial plan was all about taking out someone Ezekiel was close to, that kinda leaves only a few options, including Benjamin, his little brother Henry or possibly even Jerry.

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