1. Morgan marked his trail for the others to find

Right at the beginning of the episode, as #Carol and Morgan were making their way to the Kingdom, you will have noticed Morgan carving a symbol into a tree and a mailbox post. While Morgan simply told the Kingdom folk it was to mark his way back, there was obviously a dual purpose to those markers, and it was cool to another indication of what savvy survivors the group are.

Over the last couple of seasons we've seen characters use subtle markers to send messages to other members of the group which would easily go unnoticed by anyone else. In Season 5 Morgan followed the trail of symbols carved into trees which ultimately lead him to Father Gabriel's church. Meanwhile in Season 6, Episode 6 Sasha and Abe wrote "Dixon" on the door of the building they were hiding, something which would not have been likely to have been picked up by anyone other than who it was intended for.

Finally we had Carol in Season 6, Episode 13 use all her smarts to drag her feet and leave a trail when she and #Maggie were being taken to the Saviors hide out. Luckily by the end of the episode Maggie and Carol managed to kill the Saviors, and when Daryl found them he specifically mentioned that the group had found them using her trail.

It was a small detail in Episode 2, but it was also really cool to see that these people are now genuine survivors, and have learned key skills to ensure their safety. While Morgan claimed he was making these symbols so he and Carol could potentially find their way back, you can be sure that he was also carving them to let Rick and co know where they were, and that they hadn't come to harm.

2. We got some new credits!

Since Jeffrey Dean Morgan's name was added to the credit last week, there's been even more changes to the sequence following the removal of Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz's names (RIP Glenn and Abe). Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt and Christian Serratos have finally made their way into the line up, and with it come a number of new and mysterious images.

She hasn't actually appeared in an episode since Season 6, Episode 12 (possibly because she was about to become a new mom!), but with her name in the credits we know that Alanna Masterson's character Tara hasn't disappeared forever. It seems fitting that Masterson's name appears near a washed up boat considering that the show sought permission to film on a beach for Season 7, and the rumor was that it was for an episode involving Tara and Heath.

After his character's damn fine, genuine outside the box thinking had him discover a factory that could manufacture bullets, it should come as no surprise that McDermitt's name shows up alongside the bullet factory. Eugene's discovery will undoubtedly be a huge boon for Alexandria (and the surrounding communities) in the episodes to come, and could even be the one thing that ensures the communities survival.

Having been in the cast since Season 4, Christian Serratos has finally been bumped up to the credit sequence, with her name among the smashed glass of a rather derelict looking building. To be honest, I couldn't draw an immediate connection to Rosita from this image, though perhaps it's indication of her current broken state, or what's to come for her during Season 7 - or maybe you eagle-eyed viewers picked up something I didn't?

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