1. We were introduced to the Oceanside community!

After over six seasons of The Walking Dead, we knew there were a lot of kickass women, but still it was amazing to see a community entirely made up of them at the Oceanside community. And, while Oceanside is totally different to communities we've seen on the show in the past, it's actually based on a known community from the comic series.

Interestingly, Oceanside was only recently mentioned in the comic series in Issue 139 (the show is currently covering events from around Issue 103 to Issue 111), though with the introduction of so many new communities already in Season 7, it seems like the writers have decided to throw Oceanside in the mix as well.

Unlike the TV show, in the comics the Oceanside base hasn't actually been shown, though we do know that the members — which include men — frequently go out on fishing expeditions. Not only does the community feed themselves with their catches, but it also feeds places such as Alexandria and the Hilltop, establishing a sort of new world trade route.

Given that Oceanside's introduction was accelerated for the TV series it indicates that its residents will probably have a bigger role than they do in the comics, which is exciting because it means we'll get a bunch of original content. Perhaps we'll even see Cyndie (Sydney Park) — who is obviously at odds with her grandma — appear again at Alexandria or somewhere else familiar.

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