1. Oh crap, Eastwatch is on the opening credits map.

2. And there was no "nudity" tag this week, just "violence."

3. That usually means lots of bad things happening to people.

4. Bronn must be an excellent swimmer to drag Jaime's heavy ass this far.

5. DAMN Drogon is looking badass up there on that rock.

6. Daenerys: "Bend the knee."

Army: "Nah."


Army: "I meant yes, hell yeah team Dany woo let's do this."

7. "I'm not beheading anyone." OH SHIT THEY'RE GONNA BE DINNER.

8. Or just ashes. Fried Tarly nuggets.

9. I love how Cersei and Jaime obliquely acknowledge how much of a shit Joffrey was. "If you were Olenna, who would you rather have had Margaery marry? Joffrey or Tommen?"

10. Oh crap Drogon smells Targaryen on Jon!


11. Dany's smart, calling back to that dagger thing.

12. "Hey, remember when you said you got stabbed? That seemed important. Let's circle back on that."

13. Jorah's back!

14. Oh and he is JEALOUS of Jon right now.

15. Damn, the Night King is still terrifying.

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