1. "Was The Joke That Bad?"

When this teaser hit the web last week, fans took their time to examine the end of the video — the part where you can see the actual brain matter on the floor. What we didn't realize was how perfectly this scene would serve as an opener for the premiere, to help set the horrifying mood again after last season's cliffhanger. At least when Rick's flashbacks were over and Negan said "was the joke that bad?" once more, we knew the worst of it was over.

2. "Taking It Like A Champ"

Some may argue that this wasn't actually straight from the comics (since in the books Negan says it to Glenn, not Abraham), but I'm sure we can all agree that no one would "take it like a champ" any more than Abe. Devastating as it was to see our favorite ginger hit the ground, it gave us some respite to hear him croak "suck my nuts" to Negan before it was over. And, it sure as hell was heartbreaking to catch Abe signaling his farewell to Sasha on the side.

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