The Valyrian steel blade used in Bran's assassination attempt on season one cropped up in one of Sam's stolen Citadel books.

The blade as seen in Sam's book, and the blade on season one

Sam stole several books from the Citadel library's restricted section, and while he was flipping through the pages we got a peek at a drawing of a very important weapon.

The dagger is often referred to as the "catspaw blade" — a reference to the would-be killer (or catspaw) who tried to kill Bran on season one. We knew the blade was made from Valyrian steel and had a hilt made of "dragonbone," but its origins have been a big mystery in the books and the show.

Based on Sam's book, it looks like we now know the blade is an ancient Targaryen weapon.

So who has the blade in the show now?

The dagger was last seen on Ned's desk in season one, episode four.

In the books, Littlefinger took the blade from Ned Stark when he betrayed him. But in the show, it's a bit of a mystery — one that could involve Arya Stark. Odds are very high that Littlefinger has the blade on the show, too, but we can't be too sure.

Ed Sheeran's cameo featured more than just a lovely song — the ballad had a huge significance in the book series.

The lyrics for "Hands of Gold" are very important.

In the books, Tyrion keeps his lover Shae in a house in King's Landing (not inside the Red Keep as Sansa's handmaid). This meant Tyrion would travel from the keep to her manse. A singer named Symon Silver Tongue befriended Shae, and tried to blackmail Tyrion into helping him sing at the royal wedding — or else he'd sing a song about Tyrion and Shae for all the world to hear.

Here are the song lyrics, written about Tyrion and Shae:

He rode through the streets of the city,
Down from his hill on high,
O'er the wynds and the steps and the cobbles,
He rode to a woman's sigh.

For she was his secret treasure,
She was his shame and bliss.
And a chain and a keep are nothing,
Compared to a woman's kiss

For hands of gold are always cold
But a woman's hands are warm

The "hands of gold" refer to Tyrion's chain he wore as Hand of the King — the same chain he uses to kill Shae in the books.

Tyrion wore a chain made from golden hands in "Blackwater," but didn't use this same jewelry to kill Shae on the show.

In the books, Tyrion (and whoever is Hand of the King) wore a gold chain made from linked hands. He used that chain to murder Shae, and said "for hands of gold are always cold" as he killed her.

The show changed up this scene slightly, since Symon Silver Tongue's song wasn't a part of the series — until now. Ed Sheeran's cameo was a good opportunity to give book readers a hat tip.

(source businessinsider)

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