It’s been two years since Walter White’s meth odyssey reached its explosive conclusion, the downtrodden chemistry teacher-turned-drug-kingpin going out in a hail of bullets and leaving Breaking Baddics everywhere facing the frightening prospect of turning cold turkey.

Our withdrawal symptoms had barely begun when spinoff show Better Call Saul came along to give us the fix we craved, a joyous hit of New Mexican criminal underbelly with transformative characters and a healthy dose of moral ambiguity.

Bob Odenkirk’s crooked lawyer Jimmy McGill proved that he has the wings to fly solo with a solid first season of the Breaking Bad offshoot, giving fans a taster of how he went from small-time attorney to the man who puts the criminal in criminal lawyer.

Fans won’t be calling on Saul again until next February when the second season debuts on AMC, so for the meantime, here are six other Breaking Bad characters that could potentially step into the spotlight after Slippin’ Jimmy’s tale has been told.

6. Jesse Pinkman

There are many reasons why Felina was a fitting conclusion to Breaking Bad – Heisenberg went out in a blaze of Nazi-slaying glory, loose ends were tied up, and there was a healthy degree of ambiguity surrounding the fate of a key character.

There isn’t a BB fan out there who hasn’t wondered what became of Jesse Pinkman after Walt liberated him from the hell of Neo-Nazi slavery. Does he get away and start a wholesome new life, or will the mistakes of his past eventually catch up with him?

It’s a question that’s best left unanswered, but if series mastermind Vice Gilligan felt compelled to expand the BB universe by elaborating on the ultimate fate of America’s second-greatest meth cook, who are we to argue?

His fingerprints are all over that drug lab, the authorities are no doubt hot on his tail and the odds aren’t exactly in his favour. How’s that for a setup, bitch?

There are places Pinkman Returns could go from here. Perhaps he’s captured and handed a lengthy prison sentence for his indiscretions – the shooting of Gale Boetticher alone is enough to send him away for a long time. What impact would incarceration have on Jesse?

It would also make sense for a Jesse spinoff to bring back Brock Cantillo as the fate of the youngster is another loose end of sorts. We never found out what became of Brock after the death of his mother and he could serve as a source of motivation for the protagonist.

Jump ten years into the future and an incarcerated Pinkman learns that Brock has been sucked into the meth business. Feeling responsible for the death of the boy’s mother and his plight, Jesse stages an escape to come to his aid. They could call it Prison Break.. oh wait, maybe not.

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