6. Rick Loses His Hand
Rick losing his hand has been teased throughout the show since way back in season three when we met The Governor. It's a theory fans have been speculating about for a while, as it happens in quite early on in the comics and is yet to happen in the show.

In the comics, The Governor captures Rick and cuts off his hand. The show is known for not following the comics exactly, sometimes opting instead to take important plot points and make them fit with different characters or groups. With this in mind, could The Governor's role in Rick losing his hand be traversed to Negan? Negan has already hinted at this storyline by trying to make Rick cut off Carl’s hand but again, it was just teasing from the showrunners.

More recently in episode 10 Rick’s hand is injured during his pit-fight with metal zombie Winslow, after which he climbs back up through the trash piles. Surely this would cause an infection that makes him lose his hand? The show mostly avoids the topic of infection and specifics of injuries, but the excruciatingly long shots of his bleeding hand and his left-handed shake with Jadis give us food for thought.

(source whatculture)

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