Every TV show has a life cycle — they start off a little shaky while they find the characters and their voice. Then, once a show finds it’s footing, there are a couple seasons of greatness. Then comes the downfall, when a show lasts a season or two too long and the audience prays for their cancellation. Most downfalls can be traced back to one specific moment, when the show went too far and lost its credibility. This moment is called "jumping the shark", based on a scene in Happy Days where Fonzie jumped over a shark. We've collected all the shark-jumping moments from season six of The Walking Dead. It's not looking to bright for the show’s future.

6. Glenn’s situation

Glenn’s supposed death, and later the reveal that he'd survived, was way too over-the-top. The third episode of the season ended with Glenn apparently being devoured by zombies, and we didn’t find out what actually happened until four episodes later! When we finally got the reveal, it didn’t even make any sense. Glenn fell into the swarm of zombies, and there was no way he could’ve crawled under the dumpster without getting bitten at least once. It would have made more sense if Glenn had used Nicholas’ body to surf over the sea of zombies.

5. Morgan’s origin

After re-appearing this season as a zen master stick man, Morgan was crazy different. The change worked because it was mysterious. The episode immediately following Glenn’s cliffhanger changed gears completely and flashed back to Morgan’s journey, and it ruined him. We know he learned to be zen from some chubby guy with a goat. Suddenly, Morgan didn't seem as cool.

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