Even though Andrew Lincoln was not in attendance, he forced Norman Reedus (via letter) to give up an article of clothing to the person who could answer this question: “How many squirrels did Daryl Dixon throw at Rick when I told him I handcuffed Merle to the rooftop?” Calm down ladies, he only took off his hat when the correct answer of 3 was shouted from the crowd, but it was hysterical nonetheless. And to make sure Norman read the whole letter in its entirety, Andrew secretly gave copies to other castmates. So, essentially, Norman was forced to announce his admiration and love for Andrew Lincoln to all of Madison Square Garden (and give up his favorite hat).


Melissa McBride became emotional when talking about how much she loves her character Carol. While reflecting with the crowd, she even admitted that she loves how Carol left the pack at the end of Season 6. Although, Melissa is not completely sure why Carol was motivated to do it.


At the panel, Lennie James warned us to be careful “what we wish for” in regard to his character Morgan. Sounds like saving Carol at the end of Season 6 may have made Morgan lose his chill and revert back to his old ways. Could we see old Morgan again this season?! We’re beginning to think so.

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