1. Tara, Jesus, Dianne, and Morgan raid a familiar Savior outpost.

Now, it has extra protection with a wall of the undead.

It's the same one they infiltrated at night with Glenn, Heath, and more back on season seven.

They stormed the outpost thinking they were killing all of the Saviors. Boy, were they wrong.

Last time, Morgan wasn't with them. Earlier on the same episode, he was very outspoken with Rick that he didn't believe slaughtering the Saviors in their sleep was the answer to their problems.

2. An overconfident Morgan tells men from the Hilltop that he doesn't die early on the episode.

Morgan's out on a path of revenge against the Saviors.

He's not the only one who has said that phrase.

Rick and Michonne have said a variation of that phrase to each other several times throughout the show.

Michonne reminds Rick of why they need to fight the Saviors in season six.

On the season six midseason finale, Michonne reminded Rick their group gets results and doesn't waver when they decided to go up against the Saviors.

"You said that. We're the ones who live. That's why we have to fight," she said to Rick. "For Judith. For Carl. For Alexandria. For the Hilltop. For all of us. We can fight them, Rick. We can find a way to beat them. We can do this, but only if we do this."

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