1. Let's start with an easy one. Michonne finds blue handprints on the porch of her home with Rick in Alexandria.

The sight of Carl's handprint brings tears to her eyes.

Carl and Judith made those handprints together on the mid-season premiere before his death.

During Carl's final hours in Alexandria, he spent a lot of time with his little sister. The two stuck their hands in some blue paint to leave their mark at the house.

On "Walking Dead" aftershow "Talking Dead" it was revealed that Judith's handprint had to be recreated for Sunday's episode because it smeared after they originally filmed it.

2. Rick briefly hangs Carl's silencer from his grave at the episode's start.

He ultimately takes it off of the grave and takes it with him, but eagle-eyed fans will notice a reference to one of the earliest comic issues.

It's supposed to be an homage to Shane's death in the comics.

After Shane died, his police cap was hung from his grave marker. The moment nearly mirrors the one on Sunday's episode.

"The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman confirmed the nod on "Talking Dead."

"That was in the script," said Kirkman. "Just paying a little homage to the grave marker that I think appears in issue seven of the comic series."

"Everybody on the writing staff, they're fans of the comic and we know that there are people out there that love the comic and love the show and like looking for those little things and those little connections. Any time we can do that we try to," he added.

3. Rick and Michonne leave Alexandria in a familiar van.

Rick has had that truck for awhile, but it's most significant to remember who was driving it recently.

It's the same van Carl wound up driving in the season eight premiere.

When Carl and Rick went on a run at the start of season eight, Carl steps out of this van.

You can see it several times on season six parked alongside other vehicles the survivors had on hand.

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