7. Jojen
Jojen Reed was a bizarre character. He emerged, along with his sister Meera, to help Bran and they headed North of the Wall, with Hodor used as the method of transport for Bran. Jojen would riddle his speech with cryptic ideas and mysterious statements, and the group finally arrived at their destination, a large tree containing the three-eyed raven and the ancient Children of the Forest. Their role is unclear, but they’re clearly powerful.

However, Young Jojen is killed in a battle with wights outside the tree. He is stabbed multiple times, and is clearly shown to be dead before he’s hit by a ball of energy. However, Jojen had previously said that he’d seen his own death and that it would be by fire. Of course, the explosion would count as fire, but he was already dead by that point. He’s still alive in the books, and this may suggest that Jojen still has a role to play. There’s still a slim chance that the power of the Children and the three-eyed raven could bring Jojen back to life, even if he’s reincarnated as another creature north of the Wall.

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