7. The Books Are Telling The Truth
To some people the huge question mark hanging over Jon Snow’s head might seem rather confusing, as taking the books at face value the answer is outright presented to us there in the text.

It’s revealed in A Game of Thrones, in a conversation between Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon, that the name of the woman who fathered his bastard was Wylla, although no other information is given about her. Later, Arya meets Edric Dayne who tells her the same story, that it was Wylla, now revealed to be a wet-nurse at Starfall who is Jon’s mother.

Naturally, because this is what the book actually tells us, it’s the one no one really believes. However, there is evidence to support it, not least the fact that the honorable Ned says as much. She’s also able to produce milk, so she has given birth to a child before. There’s also a chance that Ned spent a prolonged period of time in Starfall. It doesn’t quite have as much to support it as others, but it’s the story being put out there, and Wylla certainly seems to be crucial to the truth.

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