7. A Clash Of Kings (Mount And Blade: Warband)

At well over double the size of the original Warband map, Westeros and Essos have been fully recreated in the Mount and Blade cult classic. A Clash of Kings allows you to fully customise a hero, including choosing backgrounds specific to the ASOIAF universe.

You can choose your own banner and begin to wander the massive world and the towns and cities that have been recreated within. As you build your alliances and reputations, you can swear allegiance to one side or start your own House, taking part in epic battles so typical of the series, but this time with a GoT twist.

The mod is still in development and has proved hugely popular, with new missions and factions being added regularly.

Watch out, Cersei! We're coming to King's Landing!

(source whatculture)

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