7. Not Directly Linked To TWD
Some massive TWD fans are solely drawn to it by the characters. But of course, Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie and every other character who makes TWD great won’t be featuring in Fear. That’s a good move, but it’s also a feeling of starting all over again and that’s frustrating for some fans who’ve invested so much time in the original.

TWD still has a long way to run with a huge amount of drama yet to unfold, while Fear is already set for a 15-episode second season. Could it be a case of overload for some fans? In 2016, walker-action will be running for almost the entire year, and if Fear remains popular enough, that pattern would continue into the future. It’s understandable if fans don’t want to be introduced to another sprawling cast without any direct links to TWD. It’s a total clean break with very few links and no chance of crossing over.

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