7. Flashbacks: The Way We Were

The trailer begins with a series of flashbacks, reminding us of all the potential victims' happier moments on the show. It's incredibly emotional to watch scenes that include Maggie and Glenn's engagement, or Carol and Daryl bonding, when we know what possible fate could lie ahead for each of these fan-favorite characters. It's also worth noting that the flashbacks literally take place on the tip of Lucille, as if the characters are watching their lives flash before their eyes.

What makes this flashback montage even more intense is Negan's intimidating voice playing over the top of these happy memories.

6. The Kingdom

Carol and Morgan were last seen heading off in a different direction together. The trailer sees the pair arrive in a new location — The Kingdom. Remember, Carol was badly injured so she's in need of rest and recuperation, but will The Kingdom be her sanctuary? While this setting is new to the show, fans of the comic books will know The Kingdom as an important location.

If you look closely at the still above, you will see Morgan wheeling Carol around, implying that Carol could be out of action for quite some time. Moreover, the fact that she is helped by the people of The Kingdom has us assuming that this place is friendly, in contrast to what the rest of the group is face with Negan as their potential master.

5. Crazy Carol Is Back

Over the course of The Walking Dead, Carol turned from a meek, abused housewife into the most badass bitch on prime-time TV. However, Season 6 saw her begin to question all the killing that she had grown so accustomed to doing. She was having an identity crisis. Judging by the events in the trailer, Carol has well and truly learnt that you must adapt in order to survive. And it looks like crafty Carol is back — playing the mousy housewife while simultaneously hiding the fact she's a human killing machine. Go, Carol!

We're assuming that her act is for the benefit of the residents of The Kingdom. A new location means Carol has to bide her time to see if she can trust these people. If the people of The Kingdom are wise, then they'll learn to be wary of Carol because when people threaten her or her loved ones, she will retaliate.

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