One of the most iconic moments from The Walking Dead comics finally came to life on screen when Carl infiltrated The Sanctuary. (It’s worth noting in the comics Carl was a few years younger so that should make his attack more badass).

SHOW: After ditching Jesus and arriving at The Sanctuary, Carl shoots a couple of Saviors who discover him hiding in their truck. He demands to see Negan, who arrives and uses his men for cover. Amused, he urges Carl to settle down, which prompts Carl to shoot at more Saviors. Dwight tackles him and threatens to kill him, but Negan calls him off and instead offers to show Carl around The Sanctuary. Dwight cannot catch a break!

COMIC: In the comics Jesus WAS on the road but never accompanied Carl in his mission. Alone, Carl takes out SIX, not two of Negan’s men before he arrives. Othwerwise, the rest of the scene plays out the same way it did in the show.

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