Season 6 of The Walking Dead has a bigger cast than ever before now that Rick Grimes and company have found a new community to call home, but that simply means there are more characters to kill off! With a number of new additions set to arrive when the hit series returns in February, the show has no choice other than to start thinning the ranks and getting rid of some dead wood.

However, it’s not just minor characters who should be taken out; there are plenty of fan-favourite survivors whose stories have reached an end or who need to die for the shock factor alone. These are the deaths no one will see coming, leaving viewers shocked, angry, and desperate to see what happens next.

As Season 7 looms, there are undoubtedly certain survivors who definitely aren’t going to make it that far, especially with Negan and his trademark barbed wire covered baseball bat on the horizon. At least one major hero is guaranteed to have their head caved in by the foul-mouthed villain in the finale, but there’s more than enough time for plenty of others to join the hordes of undead in the episodes building up to that iconic moment.

8. Abraham

Abraham was left crushed by the revelation that Eugene’s promise of a cure was false, while the tragic death of his family clearly still haunts him. All of these emotions appeared to reach a head in the first half of Season 6 until Sasha called Abraham out on his reckless ways and he appeared to make peace with the past. However, his newfound happiness ensures that he’s a dead cert to have all that taken away from him.

We’ll be waiting until February to find out what happens next after Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha were confronted by members of Negan’s group, but I wouldn’t be remotely surprised to see the hotheaded fan-favourite react badly to their threats, getting gunned down in the process and forcing the other two survivors to return to Alexandria with the news that they have a new and very dangerous threat to deal with.

In the comics, Abraham is killed during a battle with Negan and his people (he takes an arrow through his head in one of the series’ most shocking moments), but I just don’t see him making it that far. Between him seemingly finding happiness and the fact that The Walking Dead needs to establish Negan as a credible threat if they’re going to make us wait until the finale to meet him, Abraham being taken out just makes sense.

7. Jessie

Jessie’s fate was sealed in the closing moments of The Walking Dead’s midseason finale when Sam, for some reason, couldn’t keep his mouth shut as the survivors attempted to make their way through the herd which had invaded Alexandria. In fact, it looks like her death will play out almost identically to the way it did when the character was killed off in the most brutal way possible in the comic book series.

In those, Ron (she only had the one son) is devoured by walkers when Rick’s plan goes wrong, and she’s bitten in the commotion which follows. Failing to let go of Carl’s hand as the undead close in, Rick is left with no other choice than to hack off her arm in order to save his son, leaving her to be eaten. So, her and Sam going out in a similar fashion feels like an inevitability and would shock audiences in a major way.

Sure, it would be a shame for Rick to lose hie new love interest, but with Negan on the horizon, he could do without the distraction. With no Andrea in the TV show, it’s hard to say who he could become romantically involved with in future if Jessie is gone, but with all the signs pointing to Sam causing the survivors some major problems with his whining, it would actually be more shocking for this not to happen.

Warning: contains spoilers from the comics.

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