Now it's time for the big show to begin, and it will start with episode 2 - Stormborn - which will presumably have a distinctly Targaryen flavour. The synopsis is typically vague: "Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor. Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros," but the trailer holds some clues to how the episode could unfold.

Here's the trailer...

8. Civil Unrest

A Targaryen is not to be trusted?! Do you even know who you're talking to, Royce?

Clearly, this is Jon laying out his plan to head to Dragonstone - probably in the wake of receiving Sam's raven about their stock of Dragonglass, and possibly also after being invited to swear fealty to Dany around the same time. He's still a diplomatic leader, seeking the approval of the Lords under his banner, but while they might voice their dissent, there's no way they will sway Jon when he knows the value of Dragonstone's bounty in the big picture.

This is probably where Littlefinger will find his opportunity to cause further unrest in Jon Snow's forces. If - as suspected - Littlefinger knows the truth of Jon's parentage, he could try and blackmail Snow, knowing his men have deep-seated resentment of Targaryens.

Or he might just flat-out tell them and deplete Jon's forces fatally, aligning with the disloyal Lords himself (along with the army of the Vale) and making a play for the North (again).

To his credit, Jon does not look impressed by Royce's insolence...

7. Yara's Impatience

There is some value to Dany inviting her new allies into her War Room (hopefully she will have washed that table, since that's where Melisandre and Stannis made their special smoke baby), but it's inevitable that there will be a clash of approaches. Tyrion is a measured man, who will espouse a measured approach (like taking out key targets strategically before sneaking into King's Landing via a backdoor). He's not an all-guns blazing guy - which Yara Greyjoy absolutely is.

The Greyjoys are not a subtle people, and unfortunately for Yara, precedent suggests rushing in is not the best way. That's how Theon and his penis parted ways. You'll notice she's not actually arguing her case with Dany, but with Varys and Greyworm (and probably Tyrion). And it looks heated, from Yara at least.

So the real question here is whether Yara defies Dany or whether she's able to convince her that swift attack is the right choice - either way, she's going to fight.

Looking at the way the shot of Dany looking out over her fleet is framed, there is some suggestion that we're supposed to think she agrees with that approach (and Dany has a habit of making mistakes). She needs to lose at least one battle to even the playing field for the Lannisters a little, and this might be the misstep that leads to it.

There's also a shot of a Greyjoy ship, but it's probably not one under Yara's command. It's more likely to be the one that comes and shows her why she was wrong to be too impatient...

(source whatculture)

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