Here's the teaser...

So what does it all mean?

8. Dany's Defiant Promise

As the trailer opens on an immediately iconic shot of her three dragons circling the fortress at Dragonstone, Dany spits venom, claiming she was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms,

Who's she talking to? Probably Jon Snow, given that he will be asking her to change her focus away from the Iron Throne, but it's hard not to think back to the climax of the last episode and imagine that this is her angrily reacting to Yara and Ellaria's capture and promising swift action.

Does the fact that we got that shot of the dragons suggest that they're going to come into play soon? Surely wasting money on their effects without a quick pay off would be a bit frivolous? It might come in episode four, but it seems likely that Dany will strike back at the Lannisters with her pets soon (particularly with what seems to be about to happen to Highgarden).

7. Euron's Gift

Having promised he'd be back, Euron - a magnificent villain (so stop complaining about his image change and concentrate on what matters) - returns to King's Landing gleefully lapping up the adoring crowd.

It's still amazing how much the King's Landing crowds lap up the ceremony of captivity and death. Despite this being the same crowd who bayed for Cersei's blood when she was forced to walk through the city in shame not so long ago, they're now out in force greeting Euron the Cosmic Pirate like a returning hero.

And it's got nothing to do with him, no matter how much he rock-stars it up: it's about what he's dragging behind him on the chain you just about glimpse: Yara, Ellaria and Tyene. In other words, that "gift" he promised he'd bring Cersei, which spells doom for those three, given that we know the synopsis for this episode mentions Cersei returning a gift.

She's probably not returning her gift to Euron, but to Dany - and we can probably expect that to mean she intends to mail the young queen parts of her allies.

Meanwhile, Euron is still lapping up the ceremony of his return, as if he's a conquering hero. His bow to Cersei in the trailer is a beautifully irritating, colossally arrogant thing for a supposed show of humble respect...

So will the Queen accept his proposal this time? It's unlikely she'll turn him down again with this size a crowd there to witness - she can't afford to humiliate such a self-styled alpha male when she needs his fleet. So maybe we'll see more wedding bells after all?

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