1. Gregory meets with the Saviors and gives a giant speech that references the title of the episode, "Big Scary U."

Negan sees right through Gregory and knows he's most likely playing both sides.

"I know how it is ... negotiating the slippery, steep terrain of managing resources and the population, and the Big Scary U ... which you might know. It's called the Unknown," Gregory told Negan.

2. Negan refers to Gabriel as creepy. It's a callback to the first time the Savior leader meets the priest.

Gabriel doesn't have time for Negan's jokes.

"He bailed on your creepy a--," Negan said to Gabriel after Gregory ditches him at the Sanctuary.

The first time Negan met Gabriel at Alexandria he said he was a creepy dude.

Negan is seriously creeped out by Gabriel.

"Holy crap," Negan said when Father Gabriel first pops up behind him in season seven's fourth episode. "You are creepy as sh--, sneaking up on me, wearing that collar with that freaky-a-- smile."

Negan was looking for Glenn's widow Maggie. Before Rick could say anything, Father Gabriel came up with a quick plan to lie and tell Negan she was dead so he wouldn't kidnap her.

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