8. There Won't Be Any Other Locations... Will There?

Now, despite what I said about the Seige Of Meereen, it looks suspiciously like the entire episode is going to be restricted to the North and the battlefield around Winterfell.

This might simply be a case of the trailer setting up the season's most important sequence - a case of polishing the biggest gem in advance of the crown jewel's unveiling. Because Meereen is literally on fire currently, with Dany and her small council holed up in the pyramid. Surely we aren't going to wait an entire episode to see what happens there?

7. It's Going To Be Insanely HUGE

Apparently, this episode took longer to film than anything else in the show so far, so we know it's going to be big. That's despite the fact that the Stark army amounts to a few thousand Wildlings, a handful of loyal houses and a plucky band of Mormonts (there they are to the right of the picture). Yes, they have a giant, but they're not a massive force compared to the sprawling Bolton forces.

Exceptional planning by Ramsay putting the archers in front of the cavalry by the way: let's just have them trampled and taken out of the battle immediately...

(source whatculture)

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