“All men must dine” – this is a slogan of a book, named “Game of Scones”. It will be released in November 2015 by Orion, and it features recipes of baked pastry and desserts, inspired by the popular TV fantasy/drama/awesome series “Game of Thrones.

Think edible glossy dragon chocolate eggs, nut-free unsullied, red (or velvet) wedding cake madness and “Brienne of Tart” – here you don’t actually need a fancy food name, I personally always associated her family name with something edible.

“Game of Scones: All Men Must Dine” is dedicated to the noble knights and vengeful renegades, brave warriors, innocent ladies and evil witches, mad kings and fantasy beasts, fighting over the ruling of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

Who’s the author behind all this? He goes by the name of Jammy Lannister (yes, I hardly doubt that’s his true identity). But anyway, the die-hard GoT fans can get a peek at some of the humorously made food art below. And now our watch and spoiler alerts begin!

“Nedible Stark”

What happens when you mix a cake and a lollipop? A cake pop. The association is right in front of your eyes. What do we got here – bloody lollipop stick and the clipped head of Ned Stark, skewered on it. Best eaten “with the hand”, says the book author ironically.

Oberyn “Shattering” Surprise

Probably the best representation of the TV show moment. You start with the eye-poking…

Then You Press Harder…


Mindblowingly delicious mash of raspberries and chocolate (at least for the people that have no idea where this is inspired from).

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