In case you missed it Gendry – aka Joe Dempsie – arriving at Belfast airport.

This usually only means one thing – he’s FINALLY coming back to the show!

If this DOES mean Robert Baratheon’s bastard is returning to our screens, how exactly will the showrunners go about writing him back in? And will they bother explaining where he’s been? As you might expect, the internet has had plenty of theories.

1. He uses his blacksmithing skills to arm the Seven Kingdoms with Valyrian steel.

The one thing we know about the long-lost Baratheon bastard for certain is that he’s happiest when there’s a sizeable tool in his hand. Until he was forced to flee King’s Landing in Season 1 he trained under master armourer Tobho Mott, and being a blacksmith was the only thing he knew.

Jon Snow’s antics at Hardhome (below) we know that, along with dragonglass, Valyrian Steel is the only thing that can kill a White Walker. So it would make sense that to properly prepare for the War for the Dawn, any army would need all the Valyrian steel they could get their hands on, and Gendry might just be the answer.

As far as we’re aware Gendry is unable to forge Valryian steel himself – in fact it’s suggested that the secret was totally lost after the Doom of Valyria wiped out the entire civilisation. So first he would need someone to tell him how to do it. Someone wise. Someone who understands the horrors to come. Someone who, let’s say, currently has access to ALL THE BOOKS in the world.

That’s right – this could well be Samwell Tarly’s time to shine.

It’s also hinted that you need dragon fire to forge Valyrian steel – so a potential Jon/Dany alliance, aided by Sam, Ser Davos, and Varys (the last two both being aware of Gendry’s parentage) would be well advised to track down a decent blacksmith.

2. Six seasons later, he could finally make it to the Wall to join the Night’s Watch.

Back in Season 1 Gendry was sold to the Night’s Watch by his master in an effort to protect him from Cersei’s bastard-cull.

For various reasons their journey north was cut short in the Riverlands, which ultimately resulted in Gendry going MIA.

Not only would he be a long way from King’s Landing, but it would also mean he would automatically forfeit any claim he had to either the Iron Throne or Storm’s End (the Baratheons’ ancestral seat), and therefore have much less of a target on his back.

From a TV perspective this would also help to put some focus back on the Wall. Since Jon marched south, new Lord Commander Eddison Tollett is the only member of the Watch that we’re particularly familiar with – though Bran and Meera would appear to be just to the north. Gendry’s arrival would at least give the showrunners a little more to work with at Castle Black now that Sam and Jon are long gone.

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