Hey, just in case you didn't read above where I sad "Major spoilers ahead," just gonna take a moment to reiterate...


Ok, we cool? Good. Now let's talk about what happened last night on Walking Dead...

Uhh, so yea, it would "appear" Glenn is gone.

I say "appear" because I desperately want to believe he lives, but I'll be honest, this doesn't look good...

Why Glenn? WHHYYY?!?! I mean, I know he dies in the comics, but there are SOOOO many other characters they could have killed off instead. Like...

1. Father Gabriel.

In addition to being a huge pussy who can't kill zombies, let's not forget Father Gabriel let his entire congregation get eaten alive while he was nestled safely inside a church eating canned beans the very people he let die donated to the homeless. Yea, that's right, dude stole food from the homeless!

2. Ron

Ron is literally every annoying, angsty step-child ever, plus he's all up on Carl's girl so there's a legitimate reason for Carl to "accidentally" push him over the wall into a sea of walkers.

3. Enid

Speaking of Carl's girl, Enid seems pretty expendable. Hate to break to Carl but teenage love doesn't usually last long, and I doubt the chances go up drastically during a zombie apocalypse. Let her go Carl! To save Glenn, it's worth it.

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