More Thrones. We need more. One the plus side, 10 episodes per season is the perfect amount to produce top quality content, on the down side, it means we only get 10 episodes every year. That’s why every shred of Thrones is lapped up and savored.

In such a huge world, there will always be storylines omitted and events overlooked. Despite David Benioff and D.B. Weiss having 50 hours to play with so far, they’ve still only scratched the surface of what could be shown from Westeros, making Peter Jackson’s feat of condensing J.R.R. Tolkein’s Middle Earth into a trilogy even more impressive.

Every second in Westeros matters, both for the characters in the world and the creators of the show. The story must be tight, sharp and tense, and that’s why plenty of material was shot but failed to make the cut, including the original Pilot episode where the roles of Daenerys and Catelyn were yet to be given to Emilia Clarke and Michelle Fairley.

Once the final Pilot went to air, the show has leapt from daring height to daring height, and the high standard has meant plenty of good material has been unfortunately consigned to DVD bonus discs…

9. Baelish: War Of Words With Varys

Baelish is comfortably one of the best and worst characters in the show, while Varys also sat on that perch during the early seasons. That’s why when the pair clashed back at the beginning, you have no idea which one you want to triumph when the verbal slanging matches kick off.

Here we’ve got a Throne Room showdown where Baelish discusses which of the King’s Landing ‘brothers in mutilation’ got the worst luck. The Hound, The Imp or The Eunuch. It sounds almost like the start of a bad joke…

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