1. Early in the episode, Aaron asks Enid if she knows how to drive.

Aaron is still processing the loss of his boyfriend, Eric.

The two are heading to Oceanside to get them to fight in the war against Negan. Enid responds in the affirmative and then cracks a small joke.

"Better than Carl anyways," she tells Aaron.

It was a throwback to the time Carl saved Enid from a group of walkers.

Carl didn't like the idea of Enid going to the Hilltop on her own.

When Enid left to go to the Hilltop in season seven, Carl decided to go after her and give her a lift. He wound up crashing a car while saving Enid from a zombie.

2. Carl looks at a piece of paper that says “Just Survive Somehow."

Carl really became the man with a plan.

After watching Sunday's episode we now know Carl was prepping a letter for his father in the event of his impending death.

It’s a nod to something Enid always says.

"JSS" became a phrase Enid and Carl shared.

"Just Survive Somehow" is the name of the show's second episode of the sixth season.

The phrase was something Enid wrote over and over again in dirt, on her arm, and on windows until she arrived at Alexandria. It was her motivation to keep on living.

3. Enid kills an older woman who she thought was an enemy.

The scene may have gone by too quickly for you to realize who was killed.

Enid was just trying to protect Aaron. She immediately regrets the decision once she notices who she shot.

That was Natania, the leader of Oceanside.

Oceanside isn't too fond of Rick's crew after they took their guns by force for their war against Negan.

That's not great news for Aaron and Enid considering they were heading to Oceanside to try and talk to them.

Now that they've killed their leader, it looks like they're going to be held hostage.

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