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9. Cersei And The Iron Bank

After Tycho Nestoris returned in The Queen's Justice to call in the Lannisters' debts to the Iron Bank, it looks like he's taken up Cersei's offer to wait around King's Landing for some gold to fall into his lap.

It's still a little surprising that he's actually giving Cersei the time of day, since he'd usually just go and fund her enemies, but the idea of fiscal security under a Dothraki horde probably isn't all that probable in his mind. Still, he tells her he's happy to help her as long as she delivers the gold, which is as much of a threat as it is a reassurance.

Mark Gatiss' acting is genius here - in a flash, he somehow manages to capture both earnest enthusiasm and the mildest of scorn. Almost as if he's not entirely willing to accept she's good for the repayment.

There's a couple of shots in there, reminding us all how much Gatiss looks like he's hosting This Is Your Life...

And about those "spoils of war" of the title? They're clearly the reason the Lannisters went after the Tyrells while abandoning Casterly Rock to the Unsullied. It all boils down to lots of shiny gold - the same treasure pot Cersei will seek to pay off the Iron Bank with...

8. Are The Unsullied Defeated?

With Yara and Ellaria already gone, the Tyrell army defeated and the Unsullied trapped at Casterly Rock without a fleet and under siege by Euron's, things aren't looking good for Dany, who complains that "All my allies are gone."

But wait, the Unsullied aren't "gone" yet, unless the start of the episode goes back to Casterly Rock and shows them being killed off (devastating but not entirely unexpected news for Grey Worm fans). Is this a confirmation that they fall pretty swiftly to Euron?

Her lamenting of her fortunes comes at the beach, where she talks to Jon Snow - presumably seeking his support as a new ally to fight Cersei - while everyone stands around looking like they're posing for their latest indie album cover. Notice how removed Tyrion is from everyone. Foreshadowing?

Crucially, there's no sign of Jon's ship, so he's presumably not going anywhere yet. He continues to look like a man with a £100 bill in one hand and his last remaining £20 in the other...

7. The Journey Back To King's Landing

After sacking Highhgarden in double quick time and killing Olenna Tyrell, Jaime's attentions will now turn to coming home to King's Landing again. Presumably a portion of the army will remain in Tyrell country - unless they've literally just pillaged the place of its gold and left it to ruin - while the rest heads back to protect Cersei.

The trailer shows we will actually get to see that journey, which is pretty key.

Why's it important? Well, in a season with zero flab, the fact that we're getting to see the Lannister army on the road means that something big and probably dreadful is going to happen to them. If it was an uneventful journey, they'd simply fast travel to their destination, but the fact that we'll see them crossing open planes means they're going to be attacked.

And you can bet that will come in the shape of horses, hairy warriors and at least one dragon. Which makes it pretty unlikely that Jaime is going to get that gold back to Cersei in King's Landing.

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